Bridgewater case.





Bridgewater culture is conscious and it enables employees to better understand what is expected of them in relation to the company and how they can contribute to the big picture. It is therefore people focus and encourages employees to speak out what they believe in. The company’s culture encourages management decisions to take into consideration the effect of outcomes on employees within the company (Jeffrey & Gardner, 3).

Moreover, through the concept of believability encouraged in the company, the company culture is risk tolerance and it encourages employees to be aggressive, speak about what they think is true, be innovative and risk seeking. Finally, Bridgewater Company’s culture supports unit integration where employees and departments within the company operate in an interdependent and co-ordinated manner (Jeffrey & Gardner, 4).

Due to the company’s culture created by Dalio, the company will remain strong after Dalio fully hands over the leadership. This is because Dalio has promoted a company culture that promotes reality and believability, and where all employees in the company are free to critique each other’s strength and weaknesses (Jeffrey & Gardner, 9). Moreover, Dalio has taken much of his time developing his employees through different principle to make them better and be able to successfully manage all that they possess in the company or outside the company.

This means that even after Dalio is gone, the employees will continue obeying the company’s rules and believing in the truth. Moreover, they will continue operating well within the company rules and being truthful to the company’s goals and mission. In conclusion, through this unique culture and unique success created by Dalio that emphasizes on moving forward, reality, being truthful, and criticizing each other’s weaknesses truthfully to produce good outcomes, the company will continue to be strong unless the next leadership changes the culture (Jeffrey & Gardner, 10).

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