This is a two document request 20 pages total. Part 1 is the outline and Part 2 is the final paper that needs to be 15 pages. Thanks. I have attached examples and instructions.

For this part of the final project, you will complete a sentence outline for the export marketing plan to be produced in Final Project: Part 2. Deliverable must include a bibliography with at least 10 scholarly sources that are properly cited in current APA format.
Class, for the final project, you are assuming the role of the “Exporter”; you have started your own export business and must now develop an export marketing plan for a country where you’ve determined there’s a need for the product (a tangible product not a service) you’re planning to export. DO NOT use an existing company for the purpose of this project. You are creating an export marketing plan for your own export business start up.

You can search various trade websites to find information on foreign importers that want to do business with US companies.

Attached is the format to be used for your outline – Sentence Outline. One to two sentences for each Heading and Subheading, reflecting some of the information obtained from the preliminary research you’ve done. Please adhere to Sentence Outline Format.

Create an export-marketing plan utilizing the concepts and export management strategies studied in this course. The export-marketing plan must be at least 15 pages in length, include a minimum of 10 scholarly sources, and adhere to current APA formatting. The sentence outline prepared for Final Project: Part 1 is to be used as the blueprint for this comprehensively written final component of the project.
1. You are the exporter. You have decided to start up your own export business.
2. You are exporting a tangible product (NOT a service) from the USA to another country.
3. You have determined that a need for the product exists in the foreign market, and you are starting up your own export business to take advantage of this export opportunity.

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