, please choose one that’s mostly suitable for your knowledge and that could be easy to elaborate and design an understandable 1000 words essay. also follow the guideline in that document please. referencing should be Harvard/Cardiff style (attached document for guidlines). some of the questions requires in class information so i also attached the class slides. depending on your topic please make sure that the below theories are mentioned
– berger & luckman
– motivation theories
– herzberg’s two-factor theory
-maslow’s hierarchy of needs
-expectancy model
– locke’s goal setting theory
– vroom’s expectancy theory
– adam’s equity theory
– huczynski & bunchanan,2013
– the great man theory, trait approach, the behavioral style approach, the contingency theory, transformational leadership.
-Hofstede 1980
extrinsic and intrinsic behaviors
– personality type of organization
-Lowin K 1940 (process of changing organization culture)
-Coorke, R 1987
– Scheine, E 1992 (3 levels)

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