Here is the link the class textbook:
The real numbers & real analysis by ethan d. bloch
ISBN: 978-0-387-72176

You will do the module 8 group discussion post.

We are STUDENT 1 and will post in our discussion post the problems corresponding to student 1.See Grading rubric for details.
Your post containing the resolutions to the designated Student 1 problems, is due Friday by 11:59PM
You will respond to the posts of two peers (of your choice). See Grading rubric for details. Your two responses are due by Sunday by 11:30PM

Online log in instructions are on the attachment labeled class log in. It also shows steps on how to get to the weekly Modules.
Online, in each module, there will be links that take you to the correct discussion post for the week.

Also attached is a grading rubric guideline for the posts.

You may use the textbook as your source or any other resource. Use the number of sources you feel is needed.

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