Please answer the question in essay format, use up to about 800 words, with at least 4 dates/periods, e.g. the year when X happened, the century when Y ruled, etc. Utilize the general historical questions – Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How as you go.

Do make sure that when you use sources (e.g. your e-text, website, video, publication), the acknowledged sources are less than 20% of total words of your paper. For details, see the course syllabus and the CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity. Violations of the policy (e.g. if more than 20% of paper consists of non-original material, whether quoted or not cited, will result in grade nil – ‘zero’).

Cite properly your sources: at the end of quoted or paraphrased line, in brackets state author and page number, or simply name of website/video, and at the end of the paper state the full citation. For illustration, see pdf attachment on MLA by Vanguard:

Please upload your essay as a document file by clicking on the underlined Mid-Term Exam link at the top of this assignment information page, and then in the given Assignment Files – Attach File – Browse My Computer link below.

The Mid-Term Exam is worth 15% of overall grade, and with the initial and the final exams the overall total grade is 30% of the course grade.


Compare and contrast the changes in governing the Roman Republic and governing the Roman Empire. Was Caesar right in his assertion to change the system?

Please use your textbook, but also utilize and cite from material in the video link found free of charge on YouTube: BBC Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire. See which segments are applicable to our question (hint: early ones in the sequel, and then on Julius Caesar, and on at least one of the emperors after him);

or the updated version:

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