All of the requirements are included in the attachments. Let my academic writer take into consideration all of the highlighted text and that he follows the steps in constructing the lab report with the guidance of the British Standards I have attached. BS 1377-8: 1990 needs to be fully required and taken into consideration when writing up the lab report, all sections are required in this specific British Standard. BS 1377-2:1990 requires section 7.2 only in order to find the results for:a) the method of test used;
b) the density and the dry density of the soil specimen;
c) the moisture content if known;
d) the information required by clause 9 of BS 1377-1:1990.Lastly, all of the data regarding the 4 samples used in the experiment will be uploaded, the data are all in excel files. Moreover, the moisture content is in a separate excel document which has the results regarding the moisture content of the four samples.I will include a previous lab report which is also about the Undrained Triaxial Experiment that can help as a guide.Basically, everything required is going to be uploaded and each file is very important to consider.If there are any questions I would be more than happy to help.

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